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Nido Petroleum

When Nido Petroleum were offered available space in Como, they decided the extended travel time for most employees was a worthy compromise for the excellent facilities and stunning view offered by the location. With a gym, pool, bike storage and a 200m² balcony overlooking the city and Swan River, their new third floor premises in Preston St Como had much more to offer than their previous West Perth location.

Nido’s vision for a non-hierarchical organisation is reflected by the open-plan, zero office floor plate. It was a requirement of the directors that each workstation was as equal as possible in size, finish and ease of access. Furthermore, Nido’s relaxed, social culture required that as many break-out areas were included as possible.

However, as the planning progressed, Nido realised that they were expanding at an unpredicted rate and wanted to maximize the number of working positions for the steadily increasing number of staff. The result is a floor plate that includes generous workstations for 45+ staff – a marked increase from the original brief of 30.

The reception area is tiled in white terrazzo with copper flecks, and a burnished copper signage panel was created in collaboration between Ascot Signs and Axolotl metal finishes. The retro, curved reception counter also features the Axolotl copper finish, combined with high gloss white lacquer and Laminex cosmic illumine to create a dynamic entry statement as viewed from the lift.

Each of the meeting areas has multimedia capabilities, as well as magnetic wall paper adorning the walls as a practical way of displaying large graphs and maps. The boardroom and large meeting room are separated by large timber acoustic rated sliding doors. This allows the spaces to be combined creating a meeting area large enough to accommodate all staff members for a team meeting or separated for two private meetings.

Nido’s Senior Petroleum Engineer, Andrew Mattin, was very pleased with the result.

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